A corrupted society cannot expect a corruption-free media: Chief Guest Bashir Manzar  

Inayat Qayoom

Baramulla: In an era marked by the perilous rise of misinformation and the unchecked proliferation of social media journalists, the Kashmir Media Conclave 2023 organized by

‘Save Youth Save Future’- a non-profit social organization converged distinguished figures from the media landscape of Kashmir to dissect the intricate web between fact and fake news, addressing the challenges posed by misinformation and the mushroom growth of social media journalists at Dakbanglow Baramulla on Saturday.

Renowned journalist and Editor in Chief of Kashmir Images, Bashir Manzar was chief guest while as Head of ANN News Tariq Bhat, and senior journalist cum Chairman of BWJA, Karamat Qayoom, and President of BWJA, Zargar Gulzar were guests of honour on this occasion.

The day-long Kashmir Media Conclave witnessed participation from media professionals across Kashmir, media students and people from cross sections of society  to foster dialogue and address critical issues within the media landscape.

In a powerful keynote address, Chief Guest Bashir Manzar, Editor-in-Chief of Kashmir Images, issued a wake-up call to both society and the media. He underscored that in an environment tainted by misinformation, society’s collective responsibility is vital. Moreover, Manzar challenged the mushroom growth of journalists, cautioning that a corrupted society cannot expect a corruption-free media.

“The way society is journalist will be same. Addressing the issue of misinformation and emphasizing the need for professionalism in journalism, we can’t control social media it is government and society as whole which need to differentiate between true and fake journalists,” he added..

In his address to the gathering, senior journalist Karamat Qayoom highlighted the importance of media in shaping narratives, addressing critical issues such as crime, corruption, government schemes, suicidal causes, mental health, and the significance of voting.

However, he warned against the rising tide of misinformation that threatens to distort these narratives.

President BWJA Zargar Gulzar in his address said, “Ensuring credible reporting is paramount present media landscape and credibility of journalist is very important.”

He emphasized on the significance of the discussion, focusing on fact-checking methods and expanding media coverage to diverse topics beyond violence. The insightful discourse aimed to uphold journalistic integrity and broaden the scope of responsible reporting within the media industry.

ANN News head Tariq Ahmed Bhat emphasized the responsibility of media in addressing instances of violence in Kashmir, advocating for fact-checking and responsible journalism.

He advocated for robust fact-checking mechanisms, asserting that responsible journalism is the antidote to the spread of disinformation.

Editor Kashmir Crown Shahid Imran discussed the challenges posed by the mushroom growth of social media and the evolving landscape of information dissemination.

Mufti Tariq Ahmed Misbhai emphasized journalism as a peaceful profession, calling for truthful reporting.

A local  civil society representative Omar Azar Kakroo covered the norms of journalism, expectations from the media, and the importance of avoiding cringe content.

Reyaz Ahmed Ganai, a renowned educationist, highlighted the importance of data filtration, the need for censored news, and discussed the positive and negative impacts of technology on students and family as whole.

The conclave saw an engaging interactive session where participants dissected case studies and scenarios blurring the lines between fact and fake news. Journalists, students, and civil society members actively participated, bringing forth real-world challenges and potential solutions.

The interactive Q&A session involving various segments of society served as a pivotal highlight, with participants actively engaging in discussions on media-related challenges and responsibilities.

In closing, Wajahat Farooq Bhat, Chairman of Save Youth Save Future Foundation, extended a heartfelt vote of thanks to all dignitaries, guests, participants, civil society members, and journalists for their collective efforts, contributing to the resounding success of the Kashmir Media Conclave 2023.

Anika Nazir, Women’s Wing Head of Save Youth Save Future Foundation, commenced the event with an introduction, outlining the foundation’s mission and providing insights into the aims of the conclave. She also addressed the prevalent issue of misinformation, emphasizing the need for accurate and responsible journalism.


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