Jammu, May 29 :

The 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Jammu and Kashmir proved unique in more ways than one. This election cycle witnessed an unprecedented voter turnout, including participation from families of militants, separatists, and members of the banned Jamaat-e-Islami, who traditionally abstain from the electoral process. The elections were conducted peacefully, with no instances of zero voting reported.

As per news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), the most notable transformations were observed in the Anantnag-Rajouri seat, where members of the Jamaat-e-Islami, for the first time in three decades, engaged in the democratic process. Ahmed Reshi, assistant director of the Jamaat-affiliated Falah-e-Aam Trust in Kulgam, cast his vote, alongside separatist Mukhtar Waza and Mushtaq Ahmed Reshi, the father of militant Junaid Reshi. This trend of rejoining the mainstream was also evident in South Kashmir, traditionally a stronghold of separatist sentiment. Nazir Khan, brother of separatist Naeem Khan, ran for office in Baramulla, while Rauf Ahmed, brother of active Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorist Umar, and the family of TRF commander Bilal voted in the Baramulla constituency. Umar’s brother even urged him to renounce militancy and reintegrate into society.

Ghulam Qadir, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami, voted in Pulwama district, part of the Srinagar seat, asserting that most Jamaat members exercised their franchise, considering it their democratic right. The influence of separatism and terrorist threats appeared diminished across all Lok Sabha seats in Kashmir. Even those who previously advocated for election boycotts participated in the voting process.

The participation of Pakistan-backed separatists further highlighted the shift in the political landscape. Voter enthusiasm was palpable in all phases of the election, with many constituencies breaking previous turnout records. The increased voting percentage in Srinagar, Baramulla, and Anantnag indicated a significant change in the valley’s atmosphere—(KNO)


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