February 1, 2023

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Kashmir’s royal cap Karakuli gets a new touch

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With new looks, patterns, Karakuli being used by young people now, say Cap makers


Jahangeer Ganaie

Srinagar, Jan 12 :

The famous Karakuli cap making in Kashmir is getting revived as its demand is increasing with each passing day. Cap makers in Kashmir are giving a new look to this royal and traditional cap forcing the youngsters to wear it too.

People, who have been associated with making Karakuli caps said that with new designs, these caps are now being used by young people as well as earlier these caps were used by royal people and elderly that is why it is known as the royal cap of Kashmir.

Hilal Ahmad, a Karakuli cap maker from Nowhata area of Srinagar, told news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) that he has learned the art of making Karakuli caps from his Grandfather (Nanu) and since decades he has been making these caps.

Karakuli cap is being used occasionally and is being used by Sufis but same caps are being used by politicians and other people, he said.

“Now we have started giving Karakuli caps a new pattern and design due to which it is being used by young people as well and it’s demand on rise”, he said.

Its material is being brought from different countries like Scotland and here new items are being made, he said, adding that these caps were being used be royals only as people were not in position to buy it that is why it is known as Royal cap of Kashmir.

The caps which are being made here are being sold from Rs 5000- Rs15000 and now young generation is loving to use these caps, he said.

Riyaz Ahmad Shah (55) another cap maker from same area said that his family has been associated with cap making from last one century.

Though our children don’t have any interest in cap making, however, with new patterns and designs, Karakuli has good demand if it is being made well, he said.

Notably, the term Karakul comes from the ‘Karakul’ breed of sheep, which is native to Central or Western Asia. This cap is made from the wool of sheep and goats. This cap made from the skin of a Karakul lamb with soft fur, curly texture, a velvety feel and a glossy sheen are very popular in Kashmir—(KNO)

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