JAMMU, JUNE 16: Historic Day for Jammu and Kashmir: Rs. 12,600.58 Crore District Capex Budget 2021-22, more than double since last year, has been approved for equitable development of UT with active involvement of Panchayats, BDCs and DDCs.
Community-based plan prepared as per public need,bottom up approach to map optimal strategy for socio-economic development,sustainable&inclusive growth at grassroot level,strengthening of basic amenities, development of human capital by solidifying health,educational institutions.
Directed DCs for urgent action to tackle implementation constraints in infrastructure projects. More than 80% works taken up this year should be completed within 12-months with the true spirit of Jan Bhagidari with the help of PRIs and common man.
The Plan focuses on a rapid rise in the standard of living of the people, employment opportunities to the locals, ensuring better roads, potable water and electricity, empowering youth and determining priorities as per the public demand.
Three-tier Panchayati Raj system has been further empowered through funds, functions & functionaries in J&K. Grassroot level of democracy strengthened through active participation of PRIs who will play a key role in implementation of the development works.
The change must be visible on the ground. People need better governance, transparency and timely completion of welfare projects. Fulfilling people’s requirements is our top-most priority.
DCs and PRIs must focus on Youth engagement, Solid Waste management, improving Health & Education sector, provision of clean drinking water/irrigation facilities, better mobility and livelihood generation.
Asked DCs to update Districts’ websites with details of beneficiary-oriented and social security schemes, besides works under District Plans. Availability of online services to be ensured. Each Panchayat to display list of plans approved and date of completion.
District Evaluation Framework will be finalized soon, performances of the districts to be published monthly. An institutional mechanism will be put in place for monthly review of the progress in every district, tweets Office of LG J&K


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