Jammu, July 8 :

The SIA investigations into terror financing cases have found a man involved in funding the terrorist organisations through Bitcoin trade for fueling mass violence and terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir, officials on Monday said.

The State Investigating Agency (SIA) has issued a public police request for identification of the man behind terror financing in the region.

During investigation, the SIA found the involvement of a man in routing money and funds via Bitcoin trade to the conduits of terrorist organisations for fueling mass violence and terrorist activities, an officer of the SIA told PTI.

A case was registered in the SIA in the terror financing case in the Kashmir Valley in 2022, he said.

Accordingly the SIA has come out with a public notice seeking public assistance in identifying an accused whose photograph has been put out, the official said.

The public is urged to provide any information that may assist in identifying the accused, he said.

“All information provided may assist in identifying the accused. All information provided will be kept confidential,” he said.

Any information leading to the identification and arrest of the accused shall be suitably rewarded, he added.

The SIA is investigating several terror financing cases in Jammu and Kashmir.

In August 2022, the SIA conducted raids at multiple locations in the union territory as part of investigations into the use of the Bitcoin channel for funding terror activities, the officials said.

A Pakistani mastermind has been pumping slush money to his agents in Jammu and Kashmir to fuel mass violence and terrorist activities, they said.(PTI)


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