Rehan Qayoom Mir

Srinagar, Jun 15 :

In yet another instance of providing assistance to the poor families, “We the Helping Hands Foundation”—a non-profit NGO, organized a grand Mass Marriage ceremony, uniting 61 couples in a celebration of love and togetherness.

The mass marriage ceremony was held at Babademb marriage hall in central Kashmir’s Srinagar district.

Deeply moved by the significance of the event, the founder of the NGO expressed his heartfelt sentiments.

Talking to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), founder of NGO, Umer Wani, stated, “This thing has been fixed in my mind as I consider these girls my own sisters.”

“The Nikah ceremony started at around 7 AM in the morning and continued late into the night, and we cannot let the families of these 61 couples go hungry for the whole day, so we provide some dishes for them to eat,” he added.

“Last year, we conducted around 157 Nikah ceremonies, and this year our target is about 200. Insha’Allah, we will achieve that,” he said, adding that “we are a non-profit foundation and are not sponsored by any political party, company, or entity. We also prioritize the privacy of our brides, and for that purpose, we do not allow media coverage. We are also the first NGO in Kashmir to conduct such a large-scale mass marriage event.”

“Through my social media presence, I have received immense love and support, which has enabled me to organize such ceremonies. We offer dishes such as Rista, Kabab, Roganjosh, and Gushtaba here and my message to the people of Jammu and Kashmir is to promote simple Nikah ceremonies,” he added—(KNO)


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