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Namblan: In an enchanting day of poetic fervor, the Sagar Cultural Forum hosted an impressive literary function on Wednesday to release the third Kashmiri poetry collection, “Diluk Souz” (Heart’s Passion), by the esteemed poet Abdul Ahad Malik – Elhaam Narwaie. This significant event took place in the scenic village of Namblan of Sheeri Narvaw, nestled in lush green lofty mountains north Kashmir’s Baramulla district.

The book release ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished literary figures. Renowned poet and writer Ranjoor Tilgami presided over the session who was flanked  by the President of Kashmir Writers Forum Farooq Rafiabadi, former broadcaster and politician Syed Basharat Bukhari, Advocate Rabia Khursheed, former MLA Javid Hassan Beg, writer and poet SSP Bashir Tameel, and Tahir Sufi. President of Sagar Cultural Forum Bashar Zogayri, along with Sagar Nazir, founder of SCF and Sahitya Academy Awardee, also lent their illustrious presence to the event.

The speakers lauded the relentless efforts of Abdul Ahad Malik – Elhaam Narwaie, acknowledging his immense contribution to Kashmiri poetry and literature. “Diluk Souz” marks his third consecutive book in the realm of Kashmiri poetry, a testament to his dedication and literary prowess.

In his heartfelt address, elderly Elhaam Narwaie remarked, “The book is a collection of poetry which connects man with Allah and the teachings of the Prophets (SAW). Besides, I tried to highlight the social evils which have engulfed our society. We must encourage our mother tongue, Kashmiri language, through these small efforts.”

Sagar Nazir, founder of the Sagar Cultural Forum, emphasized the event’s purpose: to promote cultural and literary activities in the region, uniting poets, writers, and literary enthusiasts for readings, discussions, and performances.

The literary gathering was enriched by the presence of other notable poets and writers, including Abdul Gaffar Khaksar, Malik Farooq Namblan, Muneeb Ahmad Yatoo, and Bashar Zogiari, who presented his written commentary on the book. The event, attended by poets from far-flung areas of the valley, was masterfully conducted by the well-known poet Shehzad Manzoor.

 This celebration of “Diluk Souz” not only honored the profound work of Elhaam Narwaie but also underscored the vibrant literary culture flourishing in Kashmir.


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