Narvaw Sports Committee Announces New Designations for Core Members

Baramulla -12 July 2023:The Narvaw Sports Committee held a productive meeting on 12 July under the esteemed leadership of President Wajahat Farooq Bhat at Zoo Ground Sheeri Narvaw.

The meeting was attended by all the core members, who actively participated in discussions on upcoming sports activities and various developmental projects.During the meeting, the committee made significant decisions regarding the restructuring of roles and responsibilities within the organization.

President Wajahat Farooq Bhat, in recognition of the dedication and commitment displayed by the members, announced the following designations:Hilal Ahmed Malik – Vice President

Mohammad Yaseen Malik – Secretary Ali Mohamad Bhat – Treasurer,

Abdul Majeed Bhat and Mohammad Ayub Fafoo – Coordinators/ Organisers.

These designations reflect the diverse talents and expertise possessed by each member and aim to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the committee’s operations.

President Wajahat Farooq Bhat congratulated the newly appointed members and expressed his confidence in their abilities to contribute to the upliftment of sports and development initiatives in our community.

The Narvaw Sports Committee remains committed to fostering a vibrant sports culture and promoting holistic development through various activities and initiatives. Under the new leadership and with the support of the dedicated core members, the committee looks forward to achieving new milestones and making a positive impact on the sports landscape.

The committee decided to take all sportsman and sports lovers on board and sought suggestions and feedback from them for further improvement.President Narvaw Sports Association Zoo Ground Sheeri Narvaw Wajahat Farooq Bhat


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