Srinagar, Sep 22,:

The Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir has asked the government to address the issue of sealing of Sheikh-ul-Alam Model Hogh School, Andergam Pattan on humanitarian grounds and re-open the school

The Association said that the economy category school which has been working for the last 30 years has been accused of operating from state land and sealed by overzealous officials, without waiting for High Court directions.

The issue of state land under schools is already sub judice. The case is at the High court. On the other hand, Supreme Court has already said that if educational institutes or hospitals are on State land, the government should exhibit restraint and avoid sealing them.

“But here the officials are not honouring High Court or Supreme Court directions and they simply sealed the building, throwing 300 students literally on the ground,” said a representative of PSAJK. “On the other hand the manner in which school was sealed has left a deep impact on the psyche of children. They have been left traumatized.”

“The situation at the school is very grim. In the absence of classrooms, students are sitting on mats on the ground. They have to study under harsh sunlight or even under rain. They have to study beside mounds of garbage and heavy dust. Mothers have to fetch water bottles throughout the day. The students often get sick and there is no privacy for students or teachers,” said G N Var president PSAJK.

The school is an economy-class school with a fee under Rs 300. They have a 100% pass percentage in high classes every year. The school has produced doctors, engineers and other officials. The entire area vouches for the hard-working school and they are in distress due to its closure.

The Association has appealed to the district administration and Lieutenant Governor to intervene in the matter and re-open the school on a humanitarian basis. [KNT]


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