Demand immediate revocation of fee hike without approval of FFC of education department

Inayat Qayoom

Baramulla, June 6, 2024: Parents of students enrolled in Baramulla Public School staged a vehement protest today against a significant fee hike imposed by the school authorities.

The demonstration, held in Baramulla, saw a large turnout of frustrated parents demanding an immediate rollback of the increased fees.The parents allege that the school has hiked the fees by more than 20 to 30 percent without obtaining the necessary approval from the Fees Fixation Committee of the education department.

“This hike is a complete injustice to poor parents,” said one of the protesting parents. “We were not consulted or informed about this increase, which has placed an unbearable financial burden on us . I paid Rs 1380 fees of my ward who an LKG student in the month of April now the fresh fees card issued shows Rs 1650 which is more than 20 percent.”

Adding to the parents’ grievances is the school’s unilateral decision to change the prescribed uniform and introduce additional books outside the government-prescribed curriculum by the Jammu and Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE).

“This year, the school not only hiked the fees but also changed the uniform without taking parents on board. They have also prescribed extra books, adding to our expenses,” said another parent.

“The government has provided JKBOSE books for all classes, yet the school insists on additional materials.”The demonstrators expressed their dismay at the exorbitant admission fees, with the school charging Rs 40,000 for LKG admissions and receipt was given Rs 1950.

“If the school wanted us to transfer our children to government schools, why didn’t they inform us at the beginning of the session? We have two to three children studying here, and this fee hike has broken our backs,” lamented a parent.

The parents are calling for immediate intervention from the education department to address these issues and ensure that the school authorities comply with the regulations set forth by the Fees Fixation Committee.

The protest ended with a collective plea for justice and an appeal to the government to safeguard the interests of the students and their families.Parents have appealed District Administration and Chief Education Officer Baramulla for their personal intervention. Parents have visited CEO Baramulla for immediate redressal of issue.

Chief Education Officer Baramulla Shabir Ahmad Khan said that parents have approached his office. “I will look into the matter and no private school will be allowed to hike fees without FFC approval,” he said.


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