Samba, May 08:

Acting sternly against narcotics smuggling and suppliers, J&K Police today under Operation Sanjeevani seized vehicles and freezed bank account of a notorious drug peddler under Section 68F (Chapter 5A) of Narcotics & Psychotropic Substances Act.

         This strong action today was taken by Police Station Bari Brahmana, where 2 vehicles and one bank account of drug peddler namely Mushtaq Ali @ Kaka s/o Shah Din @ Shauwa r/o Gujjar Basti Sarore Adda were seized/freezed. The said drug peddler is currently absconding and a warrant for his arrest has been issued by Honorable Session Court Samba in Crime Number 05/2023 of NCB Jammu under NDPS Act.

        Seized vehicles details are 1. White Alto Car – Registration No. JK08K-4524, Pular 150 Motorcycle Red black Color Registration No. JK02CV-5416 and a bank account in name of Baalo Bibi (mother of drug peddler). These properties were acquired by drug peddler in last 6 years, by proceeds of crime of selling narcotics (Chitta).

It is an informed that above named person is a notorious drug peddler with total 6 FIRs in this name, with 4 FIRs under NDPS Act including the crime of peddling bulk quantity narcotics and 2 FIRs related to attempt to murder and possessing sharp edged weapons.

         While police is putting continuous effort to apprehend drug peddlers, this actions aims to seize proceeds of crime, thus creating deterrence for illegal narcotics trade in region.

         Samba Police remains committed to take all steps necessary to counter drug menace, police requests citizen to come out and help police in this endeavour.


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