Thousands attend PC rally in Nihalpora-Pattan; Senior political leader Riyaz Sheikh & prominent social activist Irshad Pandit join the party

Srinagar, April 21:

J&K Peoples Conference President Sajad Lone today said that he stands proud among the 99% of Kashmiris who have borne the brunt of NC’s misrule rather than aligning with the 1% who perpetrated atrocities. Lone made these remarks while addressing a mammoth gathering of dedicated workers in Nihalpora, Pattan which was organised by PC Senior General Secretary Imran Reza Ansari.

The gathering, attended by thousands of dedicated workers, witnessed a significant moment as senior political leader Riyaz Ahmad Sheikh from Singpora, Pattan and prominent social activist Irshad Pandit from Sariwarpora, officially embraced the party, fortifying its grassroots support.

In his address to the assembled gathering, Lone asserted that the overwhelming majority, comprising 99% of Kashmiris, have been the victims of brutality, subjected to imprisonment, torture, unjust detentions under the PSA, and even extrajudicial executions at the hands of a powerful 1% minority of the National Conference.

While denouncing the NC’s decades-long reign of oppression, he said that, “They have contributed to creating martyrs’ graveyards in almost every village and town. They have been at the helm of regimes which killed thousands of innocent Kashmiris, implemented oppressive laws such as the POTA and PSA, along with the law for mandatory police verifications aimed at pushing the people to the wall. Yet, shamelessly, NC leaders are now seeking to portray this majority of Victims as agents of Delhi.”

Making a scathing critique of the National Conference’s tenure, Lone questioned their accountability for the hardships endured by the local populace, despite their historical dominance in North Kashmir, clinching victory in LS elections nine out of ten times.

“They must answer for their 50-year rule post-1975, characterized by developmental stagnation, oppression of Kashmiris, incarcerations and their shameful complicity during the abrogation of Article-370. If they can address these issues convincingly, we shall extend our sincerest apologies,” he declared.

Lone further lambasted Omar Abdullah’s attempts to portray himself as a paragon of virtue, recalling his tacit endorsement of human rights violations during his tenure under the Vajpayee government, amidst growing unrest in Kashmir.

“The same government expressed its desire to abolish Article 370, on record, if it had enough parliamentary support. It was the same dispensation that discarded the proposal for autonomy in J&K but Mr. Omar still remained clung to power. You lack moral authority to label the majority of the local populace, given your lack of ideological disagreement with the BJP. It’s puzzling how you can even show your face here,” he remarked.

Lone also underscored the upcoming Lok Sabha elections as pivotal, following the watershed events of 2019. He earnestly implored the people to rally behind PC, amplifying their long-muted voices to the highest legislative echelons, the Parliament.

“I pledge to represent the people’s grievances and aspirations in the Parliament with unwavering courage and conviction,” he asserted.


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