By Altaf Hussain Rather

Human life is beautiful but the most beautiful part of it is childhood. Children are like flowers. They are gentle and need to be cared for with great care and responsibility.The Messenger of Allah(PBUH)set a great example of love for children.He used to shower love on his grandchildren.

According to a blessed hadith, the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) kissed Hazrat Hasan bin Ali (May Allah be pleased with him).At that time, Iqra bin Habs Tamimi was also sitting near him. He said: “(O Messenger of Allah!) I have ten sons, but I have never kissed any of them.Upon this, the Prophet (PBUH) looked at him and said: He who does not show mercy is not shown mercy.”(Sahih Bukhari).

If parents want to see how successful they are in their lives, they can judge it by looking at their children.If the children are morally good, that is the success of the parents.Thus, children are the real measure of success or failure.Therefore, parents should teach their children good character and manners by creating a better environment within their homes.

No blackboard, flip chart or multimedia is needed to teach morals to children, but as a parent, methods, habits, factors and words have a lasting impact on children’s minds.The home environment is the single most important factor that has a profound effect on a child’s life. A child from the earliest moments of his life depends on his parents to fulfill his every need.Parents are children’s first educators and role models for them.Most children are lucky to have the desired home environment filled with love and compassion from their parents.

However, if the relationship between the parents is strained for some reason, then the child suffers the most.Usually when a child is born, parents put aside all their activities and their first priority is their child.Mutual affection and love, care and protection of parents is the guarantee of the child’s flourishing.

We live in the age of technology and technology has established its excessive influence in every sphere of life, including parenting and education of children.Thus, the responsibilities of raising a child for parents have increased many times compared to before.

Human childhood consists of different stages like infancy, kindergarten, primary education, teen age etc.Children at each stage require different care and nurture. In infancy, it is important to protect children from infectious diseases and to administer regular vaccinations.When a child becomes fit to go to school, he must be given basic training in manners, ethics and good conduct.Parents should make every effort to create a religious and spiritual environment in their homes.They should avoid backbiting,fighting and lying.Parents should be very careful while deciding which toy to give their children to play with.Many children these days are seen playing with toy guns or weapons.These types of toys should not be given to children as they promote aggressive mentality and warlike tendencies in children.It is also said that children who play with toy guns are more likely to lack temperance.Similarly, they should refrain from watching vulgar movies or videos that contain scenes of violence and bloodshed. Children should be allowed to use social media under parental supervision with a few precautions. When a child reaches the teenage years, the responsibilities of parents also change.At this age the child makes friendships in school, neighborhood and society.Parents should be friends with children at this age and guide them on the right path.Parents can encourage children to help with household chores and pray together.Parents should know what kind of peer group their child grows up in and keep track of the child’s daily activities.In view of the increasing incidence of violence against children in our society, it is important to carefully educate children about this danger. There is a golden saying that toddlers are loved, look at school childrenThere is a golden saying that toddlers are loved, school-aged children are watched over and teenage children are treated like friends.

In short, children are a blessing, and must be protected. Allah(SWT) says in the Holy Qur’an, “O you who believe, save yourselves and your families from the fire of hell whose fuel is men and stones…” (66:6).

(The author is a teacher at Govt Middle School Kawhar Payeen Zone Fatehgarh Baramulla & can be be mailed at


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