Only an administration accountable to the people of J and K has the right to rule and administer J and K

Srinagar, July 11:

J&K Peoples Conference President Sajad Lone emphasized today the urgent need for the restoration of statehood and conducting timely assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir.

Taking on the microblogging website ‘X’, Lone stated, “It is imperative that Assembly elections are held on time. I honestly believe that only an administration accountable to the people of J&K has the right to rule and administer.”

Lone expressed his preference for a locally elected government, even if led by his political rivals, asserting, “Let my worst electoral rival be elected. I would prefer that government a million times over an alien government which falsely claims to be stakeholders with political and social sanctity. They don’t and never will. A non-resident government would be unacceptable here or in any part of India. Would those in charge accept non-resident governments in their own states?”

He further urged the GoI to stop acting as individuals and start acting as an institution,

“A humble appeal to the GOI: End this pain. First restore statehood, not out of charity but as a matter of right. Hold elections and transfer power to the new government. Good or bad, people will elect, and the elected will govern, just like in the rest of the country. No government is perfect, and none will ever be. Despite imperfections, like in other states, let the newly elected government take office,” he added.

Lone concluded with an appeal, saying, “Stop giving the impression that you are at war with your own people in J&K.”


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