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Srinagar, Jun 06 :

The School Education Department Tuesday notified list of 1902 Masters of Kashmir region who are likely to be considered for transfer under Annual Transfer Drive (ATD) 2023.

According to the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO), Directorate of School Education Kashmir (DSEK), it has received a total of 3624 applications from Masters for transfer and 787 Masters have wished to continue in their incumbent schools in Zones-III. IV and V.

However, the department said that it has to consider the list of 1902 Masters who are likely to be transferred.

“As per the transfer Policy and the notifications issued by the Department of School Education regarding online Transfers, a number of representations were received and processed,” DSEK said.

It also said, “The list of 1902 Masters are likely to be considered for transfer on the basis of the criteria of the transfer Policy is published and is available on official website for the information of the concerned.”

Pertinently, the School Education Department had notified ‘conditional’ process for Annual Transfer Drive 2023.

Stating the conditions to apply for the transfers, the department had said that the employees having a mature stay of three years and above in Zone-I, II and III as per transfer policy-2023 shall have to compulsorily apply online in prescribed application format.

It had also said that the Teachers-Grade-II, III, RReTs and 3rd grade teachers shall not apply and their applications shall not be entertained on the portal.

The department had informed that the preferences for posting shall be that an employee who is working in Zone-I shall opt for Zone- II, III, IV and V. An employee who is working in Zone-II shall opt for Zone- I, III, IV and V. An employee who is working in Zone-III shall opt for Zone-I, II, IV and V. An employee who is working in Zone-IV shall opt for Zone- I, II, III and V. An employee who is working in Zone-V shall opt for Zone- I, II, III and IV.

“Female Employees working in Zone-III, IV and V can also apply within the same zone,” it reads.

According to the School Education Department , Zone-I falls within municipal limit of district headquarter, Zone-II outside municipal limit upto 20km from district headquarter, Zone-III beyond 20km to 40Kms from district headquarter, Zone-IV beyond 40kms and above from district headquarter and also where change of residence is required. In addition, those schools where there is no motorable road and walking distance from the nearest motorable road is 7 KMs or more one way—(KNO)


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