Jammu, 19 August:

SIA Jammu arrested a key accused person Md. Javed who was wanted in Narco terror FIR 69/23 case of Police Station Poonch in Delhi

Brief facts of the case are that on 30/05/2023, an attempt was made by four associates in a narco terror module to smuggle drugs and explosives into India across the border fence at Poonch. The accused persons were intercepted by Sikh LI and apprehended with arms, ammunition, IEDs and Heroin.

Upon investigation it was revealed that the group of four persons (of which one had absconded from the spot) were being supervised by key accused Md Javed who was also absconding.

Upon technical surveillance and human intelligence, it was ascertained that Md. Javed was hiding in Delhi, where a team of SIA led by Insp Lakhvir was dispatched and Md. Javed was apprehended.

On 06/07/2023, FIR 69/2023 PS Poonch was transferred for investigation to SIA Jammu.

Further investigation into aspects of cross border operation of this narco terror syndicate which is found smuggling arms, explosives and narcotics consignments across the border is ongoing at SIA Jammu, so also aspects of amassing disproportionate wealth in short periods of time as is seen in the instant case is being investigated.

Team of SIA involved in the arrest were Insp Lakhvir, Insp Vinod, Insp Anil Sharma assisted by other staff of SIA, Jammu.


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