Community is actively participating in the fight against terrorism

Srinagar, July 07 :

In a significant development for security forces in Jammu and Kashmir, DGP RR Swain has confirmed the neutralization of six terrorists in two separate encounters.

Describing this as a substantial achievement, Swain stated, “According to confirmation, encounters have happened on two different encounter sites. Six terrorists have been neutralized.”

Talking to reporters as per news agency Kashmir Scroll DGP said that this accomplishment marks a pivotal milestone for the security forces in their ongoing efforts to strengthen the security environment in the region. Swain emphasized the importance of such successes, noting, “Undoubtedly this is a big milestone for the security forces and these successes matter in strengthening the security environment.”

Highlighting the collaborative efforts of the local population, Swain mentioned that the community is actively participating in the fight against terrorism. “People are coming together to end terrorism and the operations are gaining momentum,” he said.

While the current operations are still ongoing and have not yet reached their conclusion, Swain provided an update on the status and scale of the efforts. “The current operation is still underway and has not reached its conclusion,” he remarked, adding, “We have received news of the involvement of local terrorists as well.”

The ongoing operations signify a concerted effort to dismantle terrorist networks and enhance the overall security situation in Jammu and Kashmir. The involvement of local terrorists underscores the complex challenges faced by security forces in the region. As the operations continue, further updates are anticipated.(KS)


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