Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah Wednesday said that it is unfortunate that those ruling us have come to power without elections and that the BJP is running away from the assembly election just because they know that they will face defeat both divisions.

Talking to reporters in Magam, Omar Abdullah, as per the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) said that let us see if they have the courage to hold assembly elections alongside Lok Sabha elections.

He also said that they should give a reason, which the world would like to know that they can hold Lok Sabha elections but not assembly elections

Omar said that while they could make preparations for urban local body, Panchayat, or DDC elections, but they could not do so for assembly elections, saying individuals who had become “uncrowned kings” would no longer have their addresses once assembly elections are held.

“They are scared to face elections, had they not, elections would have been held. These people have come to power without elections and that is unfortunate for us that they are ruling us, let the elections happen then I will see what they can do”, he said.

Responding to a question on films that are being said to be made to defame Islam, Omar noted that “we are not so weak that one or two films can weaken us or our religion.”

“It is their well-planned conspiracy, as and when the parliament elections would come closer in the country, their actions would become bigger, but we have to negate these conspiracies sensibly. Let them spread their lies, there won’t be any effect”, he said—(KNO)


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