Sagar Cultural Forum organizes literary event in Zandafarn Narvaw Baramulla

Reyaz Rashid

Baramulla:  The literary and cultural organization, Sagar Cultural Forum Chukar Pattan organized a one-day literary event in Zandafarn Narwav Baramulla. The event consisted of two sessions, with the first session showcasing the book launch of “Jigar Ki Zarb” (The Wounds of the Liver) by the talented young Sufi poet, Ashfaq Majid.

The session was chaired by renowned poet and writer Raja Nazar Bonyari, accompanied by esteemed guests Bashir Mangawalpuri, Editor-in-Chief of Daily Nada-e-Kashmir, Mehraj-ud-din Faraz, and Sheikh Mehtab.

The book launch of “Jigar Ki Zarb” was followed by a commentary by Bashar Zogiyari while as patron Sagar Cultural Forum Chukar Pattan Sagar Nazir warmly welcomed the guests and participants.

The second session witnessed a grand Mushaira (poetry recital) presided over  by Yousuf Samim who was flanked by guest of honour Ghulam Nabi Dalnavaz, Afzal Hashmi, Malik Abdul Ahad Malik Ilhami, and Abdul Ghafoor Khaksar. The poets recited their verses and added color to the evening. Notable poets who contributed to the Mushaira included Bashir Zogiyari, Mahiuddin Narwa’i, Khaksar Ghaffar, Shahzad Manzoor, Malik Farooq, Manib Narwawi, Samad Mir Samad, Wasim Ali, Qazim Qayyum Dildar, Shahi Sajjad Ammar, Ashraf Mehr, and Akash Hamid.

It is worth mentioning that the event concluded with a special performance by renowned poet Shahzad Manzoor, who mesmerized the audience with his captivating verses.

The literary event organized by Sagar Cultural Forum Chukar Pattan aimed to promote and celebrate the rich literary heritage of Kashmir. It provided a platform for emerging and established poets to showcase their work, fostering a sense of cultural unity and appreciation.


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