February 1, 2023

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Around 10K deaths yearly attributed to air pollution in J&K: SKIMS Director

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Says AQI gradually going into “Poor” category in Kashmir, especially during winters; ‘There is need to intervene now’


Srinagar, Dec 10 :

There are around 10 thousands deaths in J&K which are attributed to air pollution yearly and there is need to act and control it by countering it, Director SKIMS Dr Parvaiz Koul said on Saturday.

While talking exclusively with the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO) on the sidelines of the launch of Doctors for clean Air and Climate Action, J&K Chapter, he said that yearly around 10 thousand deaths are attributed to particulate matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) exposure and there is need to control it by countering it.

“Todays programme was intended with an idea to create awareness among public that Air Pollution issue is not only in Delhi and Maharashtra but also in J&K due to increasing number of vehicles, construction, brick kilns, cement factories which emit pollutants and significantly pollute our air and effecting our health which makes air pollution a health issue”, he said.

“Our aim is to aware doctors and this message will reach to masses as people treat advice of doctors as words of God and people will get information how to decrease air pollution and how they can contribute in it,” Koul added.

He said the measures, which can contribute to decreasing air pollution include using fewer vehicles, decreasing the use of unleaded petrol, decreasing use of biomass fuels, less use of Kangri, and using vented heaters.

He said air pollution is affecting every single organ of the body and ”we have work to reduce the pollution.”

“Air quality index in Kashmir is gradually going into poor category, especially during winters and in the past few days AQI has gone from moderate to severe and there is need to intervene now”, He added.

He said government is the policy maker and in the recent past good things have happened like plantation on Hari Parbat and changing Hari Parbat from barren to forest land.

“There is need to take similar initiatives so as to reduce the air pollution. Walking tracks have been constructed is also a good initiative as a part of Smart City Project and there is need to do more small steps so as control air pollution gradually,” he said—(KNO)

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