Jammu, Oct 28:

Jammu and Kashmir Police Crime Branch on Saturday filed a charge sheet against a man for allegedly duping unemployed youths promising them government jobs and bank loans, an official said.

A 166-page charge sheet was filed against Vicky Dogra, a resident of Bishnah, in a case registered against him early this year, a spokesman of the Crime Branch said.

“The accused is a notorious habitual criminal who is cheating innocent people, particularly the unemployed youth with false promises of arranging government jobs,” the spokesman said.

Dogra was booked at the complaint of one Parma Nand of Hiranagar area of Kathua, who alleged that Dogra made to him a false promise that he would get him a loan of Rs 25 lakh under the Kisan Resource Centre Scheme and Rs 15 lakh under a scheme meant for NGOs.

He said that in case he fails to get these loans sanctioned then he would help him get a government job against monetary considerations, police said.

Prima facie, it was established that the allegations against Dogra were true and case against him was filed, the spokesman said.

During investigation, it was found that Dogra lured and duped several other people making similar promises.

The authorities did not reveal how much money Dogra charged Parma Nand and his other victims for facilitating these loans that never came.–(PTI)


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