New Delhi, October 28:

The Border Security Force (BSF) retaliated to unprovoked firing opened by Pakistani troops two days ago in Jammu’s Arnia and RS Pura sectors with equal measure and inflicted heavy damage to the enemy posts and their terrorist-supporting infrastructure.

Senior sources in the security forces said the entire issue started in the area a few days back when a BSF soldier was fired upon by Pakistani troops while he was carrying out repairs near the border fence on the international border there.

Pakistani snipers attacked the BSF soldier who suffered a bullet injury in his jaw and is undergoing treatment, they said.

After the first incident, BSF posts retaliated by targeting the Pakistani posts.

The Pakistani troops, again tried to attack our troops on the fence in the same sector two days back.

This time, the BSF leadership had given a free hand to the troops on the ground to take on the misadventure of Pakistani forces aimed at supporting the infiltrating terrorists, they said.

As soon as the Pakistani troops attacked the BSF post in which a soldier was injured two days ago, the BSF troops retaliated with heavy firing causing damage to Pakistani posts while also damaging their watch towers, the sources said.

A number of Pakistan Rangers troops suffered major casualties, the sources said.

The sources said that the troops and formation commanders have been given clear instructions that any act of provocation by the Pakistani troops has to be dealt with firmly.

The BSF retaliation was so heavy that till late in the night, ambulances could be seen operating across the border to carry the injured to medical facilities, they said.

BSF has very actively strengthened its presence in the border areas to prevent any infiltration.

The Pakistani troops along with attacking Indian troops in violation of the ceasefire for over two years also targeted the civilian areas in the vicinity.


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