Sharaf-e-Dabistan to Abdul Khaliq Shamas , Shaan-e-Dabistaan ward to be conferred to Ghulam Rasool Wagay respectively

Reyaz Rashid/ Inyat Qayoom

Baramulla, October 23, 2023: A literary organization Dabistan-e-Adab Rafiabad announced the prestigious Shaan-e-Kashmir award to renowned writer Maqbool Ferozi while as Abdul Khaliq Shamas and Ghulam Rasool Wagay will receive the Sharaf-e-Dabistan and Shaan-e-Dabistaan awards, respectively.

Maqbool Ferozi- a celebrated author with profound expertise in Islamic Mysticism and Sufism, Maqbool Ferozi, whose real name is Mohd Maqbool Dar, hails from Ferozpora Rafiabad in the Baramulla district.

A famous writer and historian Abdul Khaliq Shamas will also receive the Sharaf-e-Dabistan and a renowned social activist and literary personality Ghulam Rasool Wagay will  be conferred Shaan-e-Dabistaan awards, respectively.

Maqbool Ferozi, a retired civil services officer, has a distinguished academic background with a post-graduation in Persian from Kashmir University and an M.Phil. from Iran. His literary contributions span hundreds of articles and essays on history, Sufism, and the social and cultural aspects of society, widely acclaimed by his readers.

Ferozi recent book, “Bargi Zarin,” a collection of 129 meticulously crafted articles published by GNK Publications Kashmir. Spanning 348 pages, the book boasts superior paper quality and a beautifully designed cover. Ferozi dedicated this compilation to his parents, emphasizing that “everything can be bought from the market except the mother’s immortal love.”

Ferozi’s profound reflections and detailed analysis, alongside poetic excerpts, make “Bargi Zarin” a significant addition to the literary world. The recognition by Dabistan-e-Adab Rafiabad with the Shaan-e-Kashmir award highlights his enduring contribution to the cultural and intellectual heritage of Kashmir.


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