A meeting of the State level party functionaries of JKPC was held today at the party headquarters in Srinagar. The meeting was presided over by General Secretary Organisation Mansoor Hussain Soharwardy and attended by Vice President and Media Head Syed Basharat Bukhari, Vice President Raja Aijaz Ali, General Secretary (Head Office) Mohammad Ashraf Mir, Provincial President Mohammad Khurshid Alam, State Secretary Mohammad Abbas Wani, Chief Organiser Rasheed Mehmood, Spokesperson Adnan Ashraf Mir and Political Secretary to PC President Tasaduq Yaseen. Besides the state functionaries, Chairman Parliamentary Committee Nizamudin Bhat also attended the meeting.

During the meeting, party affairs and the present political situation in Jammu and Kashmir were discussed. The participants deliberated on the current political scenario in Jammu and Kashmir and discussed ways to address the concerns of the people in the state. The meeting emphasized the need for greater political representation and the importance of strengthening the democratic institutions in the state.

PC leadership took a serious note of delay in conducting assembly elections in J&K which is tantamount to depriving the people of the state of their fundamental right to franchise. The party leadership urged the authorities to take immediate action to ensure that elections are conducted in a timely and fair manner

“The delay in conducting assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir has been a cause of serious concern for our party. It is tantamount to depriving the people of the state of their fundamental right to franchise. Our party firmly believes that democracy flourishes only when there is a popularly elected government in place, and delaying elections can have serious consequences for the democratic traditions of the country. The people of Jammu and Kashmir deserve to have their voices heard. Delaying elections can lead to a sense of disenfranchisement among the people, which is not acceptable in a democratic society. As India is hosting the G-20, it is essential to showcase our commitment to democracy and ensure that all citizens have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process”, the leadership observed.

The PC leadership also held detailed discussions on various issues related to the party’s functioning and the prevailing political situation in the state. They exchanged their views and ideas on how to strengthen the party’s organization and expand its base in the region.

The leadership also discussed the modalities for party’s membership drive which will provide an opportunity for the people to become active participants in the political process and shape the future of Jammu and Kashmir

“The membership drive is a crucial initiative for the party, aimed at increasing the party’s reach and strengthening its base among the masses. The drive will create a sense of belongingness among the people with the party and seek their endorsement of the party’s agenda. It will also allow the party to connect with the people, understand their concerns, and work towards addressing them.”

The party leadership expressed their gratitude to the people of Jammu and Kashmir for their support and trust in the party. They reiterated their commitment to serving the people of the state and working towards their welfare and progress.

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