In a high profile meeting of National Commission for Minorities, Govt of India, at New Delhi, BJP Sr leader and Member for National Commission for Minorities Er Syed Showkat Gayoor Andrabi expressed his dismay over the situation of minorities in UT of J&K. He expressed that despite earmarking of sufficient funds for number of schemes meant for upliftment of minorities, lack of proper education/information must be responsible for non utilization of funds in the UT of JK .

Er Gayoor was assured full cooperation by the Commission, GOI, for awaring the minorities of JK about number of schemes and programmes run by the Central government for their upliftment and for improvement of methodology for utilization of earmarked funds for minorities to improve their situation and bring them at par with other sections of society.

Er S Gayoor Andrabi invited the Hon’ble Chairman and Members of commission GOI, to visit the UT & have an interaction with the stakeholders so that the issues/problems faced by them are settled promptly. The Hon’ble Chairman for the National Commission for Minorities, GOI, Shri Iqbal Singh Lalpura assured Er Gayoor Andrabi that the Commission led by it’s Hon’ble Chairman will visit the UT in May this year and will interact with all sections of minorities including students, academicians, craftsmen etc for obtaining their proposals and suggestions to devise the schemes for overall development of the Minorities and bringing them at par with other sections of society. A number of proposals were discussed with the members of the Commission and it’s Hon’ble Chairman including establishment of libraries at Jammu and Srinagar were sufficient reading material for general studies and competitive exams could be provided for weaker sections/minority students of UT who are facing hardships for carrying on their studies.

Er Syed S Gayoor Andrabi thanked all the Hon’ble Members of commission, GOI, especially Hon’ble Chairman for assuring their support and cooperation for upliftment of the minorities of UT of JK.

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