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Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Kumar, Founder Trustee Lung Care Foundation & Chairman – Institute of Chest Surgery, Medanta, Gurugram gave a detailed presentation on “Understanding air pollutions and its health ill effects”. He said air pollution is pure health issue and has become national health issue has hazardous effect on health of people damaging lung and other vital organs including brain, heart etc. He stressed on awareness and said awareness is the first step creating awakening leading to action and solution. He said clean Air will lead better quality of life and enhances the life expectancy by 9 to 10 years as shown by various studies and has a significant effect on economy as well. He said,“Doctors are one of the most trusted professionals to disseminate information to fellow doctors, media and the masses The DFCA state launch in Jammu and Kashmir will bring Awareness in the valley, which will lead to Awakening followed by much needed Action for protecting and preserving health in the state from the effects of air pollution and climate change”.
Director SKIMS Parvaiz A. Koul gave a presentation on “Air Pollution And Lung Disease; Epidemiological Evidence And Clinical Implication” and discussed in detail how air pollution kills us and have a damaging effect on every aspect of life. He informed that Srinagar City has highest incidence of lung cancer in country and Jammu and Kashmir has a huge burden of chronic lung diseases and air pollution is the major risk factor for these diseases. He underscored the importance of intervention at individual and community level .He also said that we should rethink land use and there should be proper transportation planning to reduce vehicular traffic, besides other practical viable solutions are needed, he added. He also stated “The state of air quality in the city and the state has been a cause of concern and I am happy to lead this program for the Doctors for Clean Air and Climate Action network which gives me a platform to talk about the heath impacts of air pollution and climate change with my patients, fellow doctors, relevant stakeholders and me masse”. Prof. Koul in his concluding remarks thanked Lung care Foundation for the support.
Dr.Farooq A. lone, Professor Environmental Studies SKAUST, deliberated on overview of air pollution in Kashmir valley. He said biomass burning in Kashmir is main source of air pollution besides other sources like unregulated establishment of cement factories, brick kilns and overload of vehicular traffic within cities. He said air pollution has a hazardous impact on human and plant health and insisted for different mitigating measures to be taken to reduce air pollution.
The event was attended by Faculty, students, Residents and participants from other institutions of UT J&K. It is important to mention that DFCA is a pan India network of doctors working passionately towards creating awareness about the health impacts of Air Pollution for advocacy and action towards clean air. DFCA is an initiative of Lung Care Foundation, a Guinness world record holding non-profit organization and Health Care Without Harm, a US based international non-profit organization.


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