Urges parents to organize associations within schools to collectively address issues of fee arbitrariness

Srinagar, Apr 24 :

In a bid to ensure transparency and prevent exorbitant fees, the Fee Fixation Committee in Jammu and Kashmir has reinforced regulations governing private school fees. Chairman Sunil Hali announced stringent measures, emphasizing that private schools are restricted to charging only tuition, annual, and transport fees without prior approval from the committee.

As per the Kashmir News Observer (KNO) correspondent, Chairman Hali underscored the mandate of the committee, stating that private schools must adhere to fixed fee structures sanctioned by the committee. He clarified that admission fees are strictly prohibited, in accordance with the existing regulations.

Highlighting the accountability mechanism, Hali explained that private schools are required to submit detailed files to the committee every three years. These files must include comprehensive information regarding expenditure, revenue, staffing, salaries, school facilities, and audit reports. Based on these submissions, the committee evaluates the necessity for any fee adjustments.

Chairman Hali further elaborated on the additional development charges, stipulated by the Supreme Court, ranging from 1 to 15 percent, depending on the school’s infrastructure and facilities.

Despite the committee’s efforts to regulate fees, Hali acknowledged challenges posed by schools obtaining legal stays to evade fee reductions mandated by the committee. However, he reiterated the committee’s commitment to preventing undue burden on both schools and parents.

Moreover, Hali highlighted the provision for parental grievances, encouraging them to voice concerns through the FFRC complaint mechanism. Despite the availability of this avenue, Hali lamented the lack of complaints received, urging parents to organize associations within schools to collectively address issues of fee arbitrariness—(KNO)


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