Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum is aghast over the ongoing what it called destructive demolition drive
in the name of setting free state and khahchari land. In a statement issued here Chairman Society Abdul Qayoom Wani expressed anguish over the govts hephazard one point program of demolition of buildings and other structures without having taking the public stakeholders into consulatation for genuineness and alternative use of encroached land/structures rather than the mere demolition.
Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has asked the govt to stop the demolition move both in jammu as well as in Kasmir and first to take the public stakeholders into consultation for diverse issues.
” The one point formula of demolition in the name of retrieving of state land from encroachers has caused havoc because it has also hit the livelihood of third party shopkeepers who happen to earn their livelihood as rented small businessmen. It has hit the livelihood of transporters and laborers as well.” Chairman Wani said.
Society has questioned the govt that how come a building or any commercial structure can be demolished when it was earlier constructed under some scheme/law/ permission and why now govt cant use or purchase that structure from the legal or illegal owner and save the losses of demolition that figure in millions of a single building or a shopping mall.
” If the campuses, gardens, and buildings are encroached by people, the same, after proper investigation, could be taken into custody and used again without demolition. That is what a “Good Will” means. But not this fear psychosis in the name of bulldozer demolition everywhere which has created havoc” Statement said.

The Society has vehemently asked the govt to stop the demolition move and to explore a people friendly productive policy rather than the demolition.

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