Jammu and Kashmir Sports Council has asked divisional sports officers and screening committees not to conduct screening of teams fielded by unrecognised sports associations for their participation at National Level Competitions.

As per a circular, witch has been issued by Secretary J&K Sports Council reads that the guidelines will remain in force till these associations are formally registered under Societies Act 1860 and recognised by J&K Sports Council in accordance with the laid down guidelines.

The circular reads that it is obligatory upon the Sports Associations recognised by the J&K Sports Council to get the selected teams / contingent screened through the Screening Committee of the J&K Sports Council before participation in the National level competitions.

“However, it has been observed that number of unrecognised sports associations are also approaching for screening of teams to get nod for participation in National Level Competition and avail benefits of the National level representations as per the privileges available from the Government,” it reads.

It added that it has been observed that these unrecognised Sports Associations are running from a particular area and holding posts in the Associations amongst the restricted persons or Government employees without proper authority / permission.

“Moreover, it has been also learnt that these un-recognized Sports Associations are not registered under Societies Act-1860 and having no district units, thus running illegally in J&K without following the guidelines of the Sports Council for grant of recognition. There are also reports that these Sports Associations are not maintaining proper records and fixtures of the domestic competitions leaving apprehension of issuing Sports Certificates to non-genuine candidates.”

The circular reads that it impressed upon the Divisional Sports Officers and Screening
Committee of J&K Sports Council that henceforth no screening of teams fielded by unrecognized Sports Association are conducted relating to their participation in National Level Competitions till they are formally registered under Societies Act – 1860 and recognized by the J&K Sports Council in accordance with the laid down guidelines.


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