Private Schools Association Thursday said that online classes are the best available option for students in the current Covid-19 pandemic but unfortunately the recent government order directing schools to reduce screen time of online classes has put a dampener on the otherwise regulated academic session.

Addressing a press conference here in Kashmir Capital Srinagar, President Private Schools Association, Ghulam Rasool Var said the government decision is bereft of any logic and will only harm educational interest of students. In the name of helping students the order will surely destroy careers and deprive students of quality education.

“We too are against online classes but in the given situation what is the alternative?, Var as per KNT questioned adding that Online classes in no way can compensate for the brick and mortar classrooms, but these are extraordinary times which need extraordinary measures.

He said Schools decide academic issues and processes in line with the opinion of national and international experts. “It is not based on the whims of a single person. There is full evidence-based logic behind every policy. On the contrary the government decision is an ill-thought-out experiment. What is the logic behind changing the education policy in the middle of an academic session?”

He said Private Schools comprise of a major stakeholder and it is imperative for government to take on board every stakeholder before announcing any policy change. Our question is that why we were not taken on board and instead govt lied on this front. On what basis and research did they announce reduction of screen time.

“It is not that students are exposed to screen only during online classes. Most of the students go for private tuition and coaching classes. Here they are subjected to more screen time. Will government put curbs on that too?” Var questioned.

He said every minute of screen time is aimed to provide quality education and prepare the students for future. “Restrictions without any scientific reason will surely harm the academics.”

He said the government order has played havoc with the academic session. “Schools don’t know what to do and how to complete the syllabus of students in time. Keeping half an hour for classes is a joke.We at the Chamber are discussing the situation with experts and other stakeholders. We will be taking parents on board before reducing screen time. We are seeking opinion poll and feedback from parents.”

“We at the Chamber feel that a single wrong move at this juncture will derail the education sector that is already hanging by a threat. In 1951 Kashmir was at the top of education sector on various parameters across the country and today we are at the tail end. All this happened due to wrong policies implemented by successive regimes without consulting experts or the stakeholders.”

“We appeal the government to stop framing such policies and work towards betterment of education sector in coordination with all stakeholders.” (KNT)


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