Today at the fag end of Chilai-Kalan a weapon display has been organised by the Indian Army for the AWAAM of Kupwara with a primary aim of knowing the might of their security forces and providing an insight exposure of Indian Army to the youth of Kupwara.

The event was graced by Major General A S Pendharkar, AVSM, YSM, GOC, Vajr Division and was attended by both the civil and military dignitaries. A large number of new generation equipment and weapons i.e. artillery guns, advance technology radars, sophisticated close quarter battle weapons, latest mechanical transport fleet, bridging capabilities were displayed and information regarding the same was briefed to the locals by the highly qualified military instructors. The inquisitiveness of the young generation and future leaders of Kashmir towards knowing their Army’s world class fighting capabilities shows the changing norms in the minds of Kashmir educated class. The highly skilled dog organised at the culmination of the event was highly applauded by the mass gathering.

The event was the first of its kind that was ever organised in the long and enriching history of Kupwara. The event had long lasting effects on the AWAM of Kupwara especially the students. The event as a platform was also utilised by the students in clearing their queries towards Army as their future career. Overall the event was a grand success, manifested by attendance of 1500 civilians and was another giant leap step towards creating awareness among the masses and also in cementing the civil-military relationship. The civil administration thanked the Indian Army for the successful conduct of such a prestigious and eye opening event and requested to conduct more such events in the future for creating awareness among the masses about their Army.


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