Indian Army organised lecture in Panzgam training hall for educating students of NCC camp to peruse Indian Army as career opportunity. To educate students on the aspects related to Indian Army flex were placed showcasing perks and privileges of

Indian Army and pictures to motivate students of the school.

Students were educated on various aspects related to Army life and various perks and privileges associated with it. Firstly a presentation was demonstrated to students to educate them on various entry schemes available for entry into Indian Army as officers. Total strength of 332 students and OIC NCC Camp were present for the lecture who were educated on aspects related to Army and their doubts were cleared pertaining to the entry schemes into Indian Army. Students were enthusiastic in learning about joining Indian Army and various options available not only after completing schooling but also after their graduation with zeal of choosing it as a profession to serve the nation.

During the program which highlighted role Indian Army plays in maintaining peace and harmony in the nation in also included explaining Army’s involvement in peacekeeping missions, disaster relief, and border protection. Additionally, discussing the values of discipline, courage, and sacrifice that soldiers uphold with pride. The session gave a boost in already motivated young NCC students and thank you note by OIC for organising lecture for students to persue Indian Army as career.

Similar lecture shall be organised in future for Higher/ Higher Secondary Schools to motivate young minds in entire region of Kupwara.


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