Police have constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the claim made by a non-local woman that she was ‘gang raped’ by three persons in Ram Bagh area of Srinagar city.

A non-local woman (name withheld) emerged in Press Enclave Srinagar claiming that she was sexually assaulted by three persons on the night of May 7 last month. She identified the trio as Gurcharan Singh, Jan Manzoor and Irshad Ahmed Malik.

“I have two little kids living in a rented house. On the night of May 7, three persons Gurcharan Singh, Jan Manzoor and Irshad Ahmed Malik barged into my room at around 11:30 and sexually assaulted me. I am finished and want these men to be arrested and punished. I appeal Inspector General of Police to intervene personally and bring the accused to justice,” she said.

The woman said she hails from UP but was married to a man from Ram Bagh area of Srinagar. “I am devastated while nobody is ready to help me. Even, police have arrested only one ‘culprit’ while two others are still at large. I am thankful to DSP Mansha Beigh who took pains and got the FIR registered at Women’s Police Station,” she said.

When asked was she in touch with these three persons, she said she doesn’t know how they entered into her house.

She accused police of resorting to dilly dally tactics and asking her to compromise with the families of the accused.

When contacted a police officer from Women’s Police Station Ram Bagh told news agency Kashmir News Trust that an FIR vide number 8/2021 already stands registered while an accused Gurcharan Singh has been arrested and hunt has been launched to nab the two other accused.

“A Special Investigating Team headed by a DSP has already been constituted to investigate the matter. We are waiting for the medical reports and even call details are being checked,” he said.

The police officer said that during questioning the woman complainant failed to answer why she remained silent for over 20 days. “The incident according to the woman occurred on 7 May, while the woman approached the police station on 29 May and still on the same day (May 29), we registered an FIR. We are collecting all the evidences and so far the neighbors are negating the claims of the woman saying no such incident occurred on the night of 7 May in their neighborhood,” he said.

“Law will take its own course and police will perform its duty. After investigation, truth will surface. A number of senior police officers are part of the investigation,” the police officer told KNT.


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