Some prurient videos going viral on social media were brought to the attention of police. Police swung into action and promptly registered a FIR u/s 66E ,67 IT act, 384 and 418 IPC into the matter. Two teachers involved namely Naseer Ahmad Berwall s/o Mungta Barwall and Mushtaq Ahmad Mir S/o Mohammad Amin Mir both Residents of Nambla Uri have been detained in this regard.
Strict action as warranted under law is being taken against offenders.
The act was done through the medium of Facebook and the chat was with the same person from outside of the UT.
The lady involved had video chatted with both the teachers with the purspose of extorting money from both of them and she had demanded money from both of them in lieu of keeping the video secret and had threatened them to upload it on social media sites in case they failed to. She eventually made the video of the obscene acts social which later went viral on social media.
Since the matter involves Section 66 E and 67of the IT Act which prohibit transmission of private images and obscene material over any medium, action shall be taken against anyone found involved in sending, transmitting, displaying or making public in any way such content. 3 persons have already been identified in this regard. Hunt has been launched to arrest the accused fraud from outside and those found involved in trasmitting the material.
Public is warned to be aware of such fraud tactics.


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