Srinagar, Jan 05 :

Peoples Conference Vice President and Media Head Syed Basharat Bukhari Thursday condemned the police action and lathi-charge on protesting Rehbar-e-Khel (ReK) teachers demanding freezing of posts which were recently de-freezed by the government.

Bukhari while terming the police action as unfortunate said that the state cannot have a one size fits all law and order approach to silence the legitimate demands of the protesting teachers.

“The police action on the protesting ReK teachers is reprehensible and utterly condemnable. The teachers have been protesting for 15 days now during which time they have remained peaceful in their demonstrations against the administration. Instead of listening to their legitimate demands, the administration chose to adopt a muscular approach to disperse the protestors, which cannot and should not be condoned in a democracy,” he said in a statement issued here.

Bukhari further said that it is ironic that on the one hand the administration is keen on actively engaging millions of youngsters in sports activities, on the other they are dealing with ReK’s with a heavy hand.

“This administration has repeatedly patted itself on the back for involving youth in sports related activities. This wouldn’t have been possible with active facilitation and hard work of ReK teachers. Now instead of resolving the matter to the satisfaction of all, the administration has chosen to use their might to silence them. Does cane charging the ReK teachers make them fitter and stronger? Which administration beats up its own employees? And if the administration is so sincere in promoting sports, how can it be so insensitive to the legitimate demands of the stakeholders involved in this process”, he asked

Bukhari urged the administration to give a patient hearing to the grievances and concerns of ReK teachers and create a conducive environment to channelise all the efforts towards deepening engagement with youth through sports.


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