Thousands of energetic and enthusiastic supporters attend rally

Srinagar, May 10:

J&K Peoples Conference President Sajad Gani Lone delivered a stirring address to a massive gathering in Pattan, marking the largest public convention in Kashmir during the current Parliamentary election Campaign. PC Senior General Secretary Imran Reza Ansari, senior leader Abid Ansari, State Secretary Mohammad Abbas Wani also addressed the crowds. PC senior leader Yasir Reshi, Irfan Ansari, Spokesperson Adnan Ashraf Mir, Tasaduq Yaseen, Youth President Mudasir Karim, Youth VP Rydham Singh, Youth GS Azad Parvaz among others were present on the occasion.

Expressing the importance of the ongoing election, Lone emphasized its significance as the most crucial since 1947, especially given the absence of Assembly elections.

“I urge the NC leadership simply to provide a transparent account of their parliamentary achievements for the public good. For the duration of their tenure in Parliament, particularly post-August 5th, they remained silent spectators, neglecting to advocate for our people’s rights and aspirations. Their inaction disqualifies them from seeking re-election to Parliament.”

Referring to the rigging of 1987, Lone asserted that the NC bears responsibility for the emergence of the gun culture and subsequent bloodshed in Kashmir.

“The social divide in Kashmir was starkly evident,” he explained. “One segment of the population endured relentless persecution: killings, torture, hangings, and constant trauma during checkings, verifications, and crackdowns. This represented the vast majority, of which I am a part. In contrast, the NC represents the 1% who have been victors and exploited the rest.”

He continued, emphasizing the repercussions of choosing such oppressors as representatives: “We cannot afford to continue selecting NC to lead us. Doing so would mean perpetuating the shackles of slavery on our society.”

He added that Farooq Abdullah, during his tenure as CM from 1996 to 2002, was implicated in the deaths of 7,000 civilians, while his son, from 2008 to 2014, is also accountable for hundreds of civilian deaths.

“I pledge that once I enter Parliament, every oppressive law instituted by the National Conference will be eradicated. We refuse to compromise on our dignity,” he vowed.

In a swipe at Omar Abdullah, Lone highlighted the stark contrast between his roots and those of Omar, whom he described as a tourist.

He noted that Omar’s oppressive regime has earned him notoriety and disqualifies him from claiming to be a savior of the people.

“Omar’s attempts to undermine me, from labeling me as Al Barak in one rally to associating me with BJP in another, reveals his desperation. However, the people’s mandate on May 20th will put an end to his frustration,” he asserted.


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