Despite installation, flat rates continue, locals aghast, say usage low but no fun of saving electricity; Integration of meters going on, will take some more time, says CE KPDCL

Rehan Qayoom Mir

Srinagar, Sep 21 :

The installation of much-hyped smart meters have failed to serve the cause for many Old City residents as despite judicious use of electricity, they continue to receive flat rate monthly bills, leaving them aghast.

Pertinently, the Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) has installed smart meters across Srinagar, which was set to bring relief to the consumers in terms of paying the tariff as per usage.

However, the installation of smart meters has proved damp squib for the residents here, who demanded authorities to check why the bills have not been issued as per the usage.

“We have used nearly 300 units in the previous month as we stopped using the electronic gadgets like heaters, boilers and other related things, but despite using electricity judiciously, the monthly tariff has not been issued as per the usage,” a local from Habba Kadal locality told the news agency—Kashmir News Observer (KNO).

Similar complaints have been received from Chattabal and adjoining areas where the consumers said that flat rate bills have been issued to them for the previous month (August). “We are unable to understand the reasons behind installing the smart meters as the electricity bills have not been issued as per the usage,” a local resident from Chattabal said.

When contacted, Chief Engineer, Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL), Javed Yousuf Dar told KNO that the process to integrate the smart meters is presently going on. “The integration process of smart meters is already going on and it will take some more time to complete the process, till then the tariff will remain unchanged,” Dar said—(KNO)


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