February 4, 2023

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Vehicles will not be impounded, seized through E Challan; however E Challans will continue for enforcement of traffic laws: Traffic Police City

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Srinagar, Nov 29 :

Traffic Police City on Tuesday said it has been noted that E challans where vehicles have been seized/impounded by the Traffic Police are not being reflected in the virtual court system of the Spl Mobile Magistrate (Traffic) Srinagar. This issue apparently has cropped up due to a glitch in the NIC server and Srinagar traffic police has already raised the matter with NIC for resolution of this issue at an earliest.

In the meantime as directed by the Honourable Spl Mobile Magistrate (Traffic), vehicles will not be impounded/ siezed through E Challan. However E challans will continue to be used for all other form of enforcement of traffic laws & rules. Wherever necessary vehicles will be siezed/impounded through the issuance of manual challans, pending the resolution of the technical glitch.

It added that Srinagar Traffic Police will remain committed to the highest standards of e-governance, transparency & accountability in all spheres of traffic regulation and enforcement. (KNS)

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