Sopore:Under the auspices of the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) initiative, a vibrant spectacle unfolded today as the Boys Higher Secondary School in Sopore hosted a spirited rally to galvanize voter awareness. The event, aimed at bolstering participation in the imminent Lok Sabha elections in Kashmir, witnessed enthusiastic participation from students, faculty, and distinguished officials.

General Election Observer for Baramulla Parliamentary Constituency, Dipinder Singh Kushwah IAS, spearheaded the initiative, flagging off the rally alongside dignitaries including Additional DC Shabbir Ahmad Raina and S.P. Divia Di. The rally, meandering through the bustling streets of Sopore, echoed with resounding chants advocating the exercise of democratic rights.Adorned with placards emblazoned with messages championing the democratic ethos, the fervent students conveyed the paramount significance of voting for the sustenance of democratic principles.

Addressing the gathering, the Election Observer underscored the pivotal role of each citizen in fortifying the edifice of democracy, emphasizing the transformative power of active participation in the electoral process.As the echoes of enthusiastic voices reverberated through the town, the rally culminated at the school gates, leaving an indelible impression on the collective consciousness, igniting a flame of civic responsibility and democratic fervor amongst the youth of Sopore.


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