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Baramulla, June 19, 2024:

The serene town of Baramulla was transformed into a vibrant tapestry of color, music, and spirituality yesterday as thousands of devotees gathered for the annual Nagar Kirtan. The Sikh religious procession, celebrated with immense fervor and devotion, brought together people from various communities in a harmonious display of faith and unity.

The Nagar Kirtan began early in the morning at the Gurdwara Sahib Kanispora Baramula (National Highway)and Concluded at historic Gurudwara Chatti Padshahi, one of the oldest Sikh shrines in the region. Devotees, clad in traditional attire, carried the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scripture of Sikhism, in a beautifully decorated palanquin. The procession was led by the Panj Pyare, or the Five Beloved Ones, symbolizing the core values of Sikhism: humility, compassion, and service.

As the procession wound its way through the streets of Baramulla, the air was filled with the melodious strains of kirtan, or devotional singing, accompanied by the rhythmic beat of drums. The scent of incense wafted through the air, mingling with the fragrance of fresh flowers that adorned the path. Enthusiastic participants distributed sweets and cold drinks to onlookers, embodying the spirit of selfless service.

A standout feature of this year’s Nagar Kirtan was the participation of local youth and children. Dressed in traditional attire, they performed Gatka, a traditional Sikh martial art, showcasing their skills with synchronized moves and impressive acrobatics. Their performances received loud applause from the crowd, highlighting the community’s commitment to preserving and promoting its cultural heritage.

Community leaders and representatives from various faiths joined the procession, underscoring the event’s inclusive spirit. “The Nagar Kirtan is not just a Sikh event; it is a celebration of our shared values of peace, love, and brotherhood,” said Sardar Harpreet Singh, one of the organizers. “We are delighted to see such a diverse turnout, which reflects the true essence of Baramulla’s communal harmony.”

Security arrangements were meticulously planned to ensure the smooth conduct of the event. Local authorities, in coordination with community volunteers, managed traffic and crowd control, ensuring that the procession moved seamlessly through the town’s main thoroughfares. No untoward incidents were reported, making the event a resounding success.

The Nagar Kirtan concluded at the Gurudwara, where a langar, or community kitchen, was set up to serve free meals to all attendees. The tradition of langar, rooted in the Sikh principles of equality and community service, saw people from different backgrounds sitting together to share a meal, reinforcing the message of unity.

As the sun set on Baramulla, the town’s streets, now quiet after a day of celebration, bore testament to the enduring spirit of faith and fellowship. The Nagar Kirtan of 2024 will be remembered not just for its grandeur, but for its reaffirmation of the values that bind the community together in a tapestry of love and respect.


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