Srinagar, May 22 :

Srinagar is all set to host the third G20 Tourism Working Group meeting today amid unprecedented security measures being put in place to ensure successful holding of the historic global gathering.

Officials told #KNS that all preparations have been put in place with unprecedented ground-to-air security measures to ensure smooth and successful holding of the event.

G20 is scheduled to be the biggest international event in Kashmir after the special status of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) was revoked, and was divided into two Union Territories.

Srinagar city’s walls and roads are decorated to welcome delegates. The people of Kashmir are also ready to welcome the G20 summit meetings, which will boost the tourism and business sector in Kashmir.

For this G20 Summit, three-tier ground-to-air security has been put in place with elite NSG, Marine commandos, para military troops, local police and security agencies deployed in sufficient number in and around Dal Lake and SKICC, where the event will take place.

In a press conference in New Delhi, Union Tourism Secretary Arvind Singh had stated that some member countries have not registered yet but the last date for registration is May 22.

He said that around 60 foreign delegates are expected to take part in the event to be held from May 22-24.

“Holding the meeting in J&K, was not only to showcase its potential for tourism but to also signal globally the restoration of stability and normalcy in the region,” he said.


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