December 2, 2022

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Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has comes up with a suggestions to boost apple industry.

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“Something innovative has to be done to bring the positive changes in the industry: Qayoom Wani



Notwithstanding the wait and watch situation of the down fall of fruit industry in the peak harvesting season, Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has come up with a suggestive approach for every household to purchase atleast two local apple (filled)boxes from market including those who grow the fruit at home. In a statement issued here on Monday Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum Chairman Abdul Qayoom Wani said that something innovative has to be done to bring the positive changes in the industry. Wani said it becomes the role of every conscious person to eat the local fruit and to like it for gifts and to include it in the feast of wazwan as a fruit dish.
JKCSF statement said that health benefits of apple were numerous and known almost to every learned person but it was unfortunate that the fruit was not served as a dish with foods in feasts in functions and in restaurants that needs now to be inculcated as a trend which in turn will serve as a healthy food dish and also will boost the attraction towards apple varieties.
Reteriating its demand JKCSF urged upon the govt to look into the transportation issues and Srinagar Jammu Road with regard to apple trucks wherein the apple loaded trucks get stranded on the road for days together due to many reasons which inturn causes losses to fruit industry. Society also demanded infrastructure for the mechanical filling of apples into apple boxes.
Society has appealed people, traders, transporters, merchants, orchadists, sellers and buyers to get united in these times of challenges to fight the crisis. Society has asked the sellers to sell the fruits to local buyers on concession rates.Hoteliers have been appealed to include apple varieties raw as well as cooked in salad and food and to include it in menu with literature of medical benefits of Kashmir apple endorsed by dieticians.
Society has learnt that according to government figures, Kashmir exports around 20 lakh metric tons of apple every year, and the horticulture industry is pegged to be worth around 8000 to 9000 crore including the employment it generates. Kashmir produces 75% of the total apple production in the country.
The setback to apple industry would mean the setback to our economy, the statement said. To meet the international standards of quality in market we need to move forward and not to loose the courage. However, apple being one of our primary fruits, we need to incorporate it into our daily food.

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