Pollution Control Board should control the Pollution controlling booths and units itself instead of outsourcing them to private agencies: Qayoom Wani


Srinagar March 03:
Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has expressed serious concern over the deterioration of air quality in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly the valley which it said was once known as Paradise on Earth owing to its ecological and environmental purity and essence. In a statement to Sachnews, Abdul Qayoom Wani, Chairman of the Society said that after studying news reports, based on the studies and experiments of experts, the deterioration of air has become a concern for one and all because Kashmir is environmentally sensitive to pollution and the consequences thereof if remedial measures are not taken in time by the stakeholders.

Referring to news reports, JKCSF said, “The air quality in Srinagar has been consistently deteriorating for the past three years” which is an alarming threat to health and hygiene.
The Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM or PM 10) levels at all four stations in Srinagar, Raj Bagh, Khonmoh, Khrew and Lasjan have shown a steep rise in the last three years.

The Society termed the findings of experts as shocking! (News Reports Dec. 10, 2022) Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Kumar, Founder Trustee Lung Care Foundation & Chairman – Institute of Chest Surgery, Medanta, Gurugram, who said air pollution is pure health issue and has become national health issue has hazardous effect on health of people damaging lung and other vital organs including brain, heart etc. He stressed on awareness and said awareness is the first step creating awakening leading to action and solution. He said clean Air will lead better quality of life and enhances the life expectancy by 9 to 10 years as shown by various studies and has a significant effect on economy as well. He said, “Doctors are one of the most trusted professionals to disseminate information to fellow doctors, media and the masses and Director SKIMS Dr Parvaiz Koul who gave a presentation on “Air Pollution And Lung Disease; Epidemiological Evidence And Clinical Implication” and discussed in detail how air pollution kills us and have a damaging effect on every aspect of life. He informed that Srinagar City has highest incidence of lung cancer in country and Jammu and Kashmir has a huge burden of chronic lung diseases and air pollution is the major risk factor for these diseases. He underscored the importance of intervention at individual and community level. He also said that we should rethink land use and there should be proper transportation planning to reduce vehicular traffic, besides other practical viable solutions are needed.

Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has declared this situation as the grave one and asked the stakeholders especially the controlling agencies in Environmental and healthcare domains in Govt to do the remedial measures in time and to make the people aware about the hazards of pollution and the importance of awareness by the masses.

“Pollution Control Board should do an in-depth survey on the increasing graph of pollution of vehicles, Pollution Control Board should control the Pollution controlling booths and units itself instead of outsourcing them to private agencies or contractors because pollution checking is a responsible task and it is linked with people health and life, it cant be competed with other road checking units and taken as for granted. Instead, pollution checking needs serious and sensitive inspections and to produce actual data for scientific manifestations that can be of use to the experts and analysts said JKCSF Chairman Abdul Qayoom Wani.
Wani also said that as per reliable information from the deptt that deputation of non technical officers from other departments and not utilising the the services of the experts and scientists of the their own department is also a major factor which tells upon the quality working of polution control board.
Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has appealed the NGOs, Teachers, Journalists and Imams to make regularly people aware about the air and water pollution by awaking them not to drain out swage and dump the wastage material into water bodies and into the open spaces.

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