Mothers murder by her son should now open eyes of imams and Khateebs to get united for their actual role” Qayoom Wani


Yet another shocking incident of murder of a mother by her son in Hadipora Sopore has shaken the conscience people of the society and the news has send shivers all over Kashmir once called “pir vaur” the valley of saints known for peace, justice, tranqulity and obedience. This was expressed in a statement by Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum, Abdul Qayoom Wani here on Monday. Wani said it is very unfortunate that Kashmiri society is now becoming immune to these murders where son kills mother, father kills daughter, sons kill father and so on. Wani warned the society that if as a whole society sleeps on such issues and incidents then no day is far away when it will( God Forbid) become a criminal society and we will lose our past heritage of peace and love to chaos and killings.
Wani took a dig on the Friday khateebs and other preachers for fighting each other on sectarian issues and other meager things and now people have fed up with the day to day personal fighting and leg pulling and unparlimentary use of language on social media and in mosques.Wani has said that the preaching place is the place of prophets and from these places only and only guidance and reform is dissimenated to general public. These places are not used for sectarian differences, personal interests and advertising.
Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has decided to meet top level scholars of JK to discuss with them some strategy to train imams and khateebs how to make effective welfare speeches that can inculcate indepth moral behavior in youth and bring them back on track.
Society has appealed School heads to work on strategies in real spirit to imbibe morality in students.
Society has also appealed Police and other controlling agencies to take strict action against those involved in waywardness and sinful activites to safeguard society and to relegate JK to its essence in morality and good conduct.


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