The shocking incident trigger protest in the village demands strong against the accused


Baramulla: In an utmost shocking incident, a teacher at Government Higher Secondary School Shutloo village in Rafiabad faces suspension following allegations of allegedly engaging in indecent and sexually explicit conversations with female students on his mobile phone triggering protest in the village on Friday.

Educators, often regarded as the custodians of education and moral values, are entrusted with creating a nurturing and secure environment for their students. However, the accused teacher, Owais Ahmad Nanda from Baramulla stands accused of betraying this trust.The allegations first came to light when concerned parents and students reported the teacher’s alleged misconduct to school authorities.

The conversations in question have been described as “dirty and sexual” in nature, causing significant distress among both students and their families.In response to these grave allegations, the education department swiftly initiated action.

Following a preliminary inquiry, the accused teacher has been suspended from his teaching duties by Chief Educaion Officer Baramulla and attached to the office of Principal Boys Higher Secondary School Sopore.

“As the report from the concerned Principal along with the indecent chat with students reached my office, given the seriousness of the issue, the teacher was immediately suspended pending an inquiry. Whosoever will be found guilty strict action awill be taken against him,”

CEO Baramulla Balbir Singh Raina told media in Baramaulla. He added that this suspension aligns with the department’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of all students within the educational system.He further said, “The welfare and security of our students are of utmost importance.

A thorough investigation into this matter has been initiated, and appropriate measures will be taken based on the findings of the inquiry.”A protest broke out in the village in which parents demanded stern action against the accused teacher and expressed their deep concern and shock over the allegations.

They are demanding a transparent and expeditious investigation to ensure justice is served and, crucially, to prevent such distressing incidents from occurring in the future.Protesting parents demanded a case under the relevant sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act to be registered at the concerned police station.

They demanded immediate intervention of The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) Baramulla into the matter.“Since the matter involves Section 66 (E) and 67of the IT Act, which prohibits the transmission of private images and obscene material over any medium, the action shall be taken against anyone found involved in sending, transmitting, displaying or making public in any way such content”, they maintained.

Pertinently, the teacher was transferred from Government High School Sangri Baramulla on complaint basis after the school witnessed zero percent result and the accused teacher tried to defend his nonperformance on social media, however, the then CEO Baramulla transferred the entire staff from the school which recently fetch 100 percent result in matriculation.


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