By Hurmat Manzoor

Why is it said : An Apple a day keeps the Doctor Away? The age-old maxim, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” was a polite way of saying that this habit would help to prevent Constipation and other related ailments. Since it was believed that the juice of a apple aided the fermentation of undigested foods. Although one might question such a sweeping statement in the highly advanced modern times, none can deny that apples are good for health because of their high nutritious value.

Some people have modified this statement and suggested that “it keeps the dentist away more than the doctor”. According to the dentists, biting or on a crisp apple is an effective way of removing a food particles from between the teeth. Eating an apple after meals and cleaning the teeth in the night and morning is the best way to keep the teeth healthy. Apples contain Vitamins A and C. They are rich in cellulose and carbohydrates. They also contain some minerals.

This implies that apples also help in the prevention and cure of several deficiency disorders, e.g; scurvy, night blindness etc. as well as in in purifying blood. They also aid in healing, protection against cold and building of healthy bones, teeth and gums.The presence of these food sources and their utility in keeping the body fit and healthy justifies the old adage.

Apples are eaten raw, both for taste as well as its beneficial values. An apple contains about five-sixths water and the remaining one-sixth consists of sugar, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and other acids, and rough indigestible matter. Apart from their nutritious value, apples are also used for cooking sweet dishes, and cider is brewed from fermented apples.

Apples belong to the family of Rosaceae. In the ripen state they are usually red, yellow or green. Apples grow in temperate zones in relatively cold weather. By the end of 300 A.D, a Roman writer named 37 varieties of apple and today hundreds of varieties are available with varying sweetness.

Hurmat Manzoor is class 5th student at St.Jeosph Higher Secondary School Baramulla Cell:- 9906566654.


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